Diesel Emission Claim

Cars eligible to claim were owned and manufactured between 2007-2020

VW Group & Audi Settlement

Volkswagen Group has agreed to pay £193m to settle 91,000 legal claims in England and Wales linked to the ‘Dieselgate Emissions Scandal.

The claimants will receive average payments of more than £2,100 each after joining the action that alleged cars made by Volkswagen Group, including its Audi, Seat and Skoda brands, emitted more nitrogen dioxide than the company claimed!

Congratulations to all that joined the action against VW Group and will receive their share of compensation. The opportunity to join the action is currently closed, but there maybe a future opportunity to re-join the action – fill out your details to join the waiting list. Also it is not be too late if you have owned a diesel vehicle by other manufacturers

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Was your vehicle owned by you and manufactured between 2007-2020

What are Emission claims?

This issue began when Audi and Volkswagen (VW), which are both part of the VW Group, faced regulatory action over some of their diesel cars in the US in 2015. The controversy, which became known as ‘Dieselgate’, has since grown to include other vehicle manufacturers.

The group legal claims allege, broadly, that the carmakers used illegal ‘defeat devices’ in their diesel vehicles to cheat the tests done by regulators to check their emissions levels, before approving vehicles for sale.

Law firms argue that affected cars and vans produce more harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution than advertised – and were therefore mis-sold to consumers.

Claims could be potentially worth up to 75% of the purchase price of each vehicle affected. We believe around 1.2 million british vehicles were fitted with these “defeat devices” and their owner’s are entitled to compensation!

Vehicles that were fitted with the cheat devices had;

1) Lower BHP than stated.
2)Higher running costs than expected.
3)Up to 40 x higher emission levels
4)Lower resale value

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